Faces From Far Off Places

Cecelia Eidemiller traveled throughtout India in January and February of 2013.  She filled her sketch journal with the portraits of people she met along the way and completed the series of oil paintings below from photos she took during her travels. 

Young Indian Praying portrait in oilElder Indian Man portrait in oilIndian Men portrait in oil



SRI Oil PortraitGirl with Jar portrait in Oil


Old Indian Man portrait in oilIndian Fishermen


Sacred Cows

The following watercolor landscapes were painted on location in various parts of India.

Tropical SunrisePalolem Beach ShoreHampi TemplePalolem Beach Waterfront

Cecelia has been meeting and painting interesting characters during her recent travels.  A few examples are included here:

Guatemalan Market Vendor 1
16 x 22, $1000


Guatemalan Market Vendor 2
16 x 22, $1000









Balinese Dancers
16 x 16 oil, $1600







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