Quick Profile

Widely known as the “Fastest Draw in the West” Cecelia has completed all of the below black and white charcoal profiles in less than 5 minutes.  They are on 12 x 16 pastel paper for $50 and are done from live sittings only at her scheduled art shows.  Group sittings are discounted per face, and color profiles take 10 minutes for $70 each.

Instructions for submitting photos to order a profile sketch.

  1. Photograph the left side of subject’s face for a true profile (not a 3/4 turn).
  2. Lighting should be directed to the front of subject’s face (do not use a flash).
  3. Include entire head and shoulders in the photo frame (do not clip off top of head).

You may email a photo selection to portraitsbycecelia@yahoo.com or mail hard copies and a check to:

Portraits by Cecelia
P.O. Box 4436
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Please include your address, phone number, the subject’s eye color, hair color, age and any distinguishing marks, and include either a black and white or color photo.


Black and white profile    $50

Color profile    $70

Shipping and handling   $15

Note:  These prices are for artwork only.  Framing is not included.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  Questions?  Call Cecelia at 970-547-0495.

BW Profile 6BW Profile 7

BW Profile 5BW Profile 1BW Profile 4BW Profile 3

BW Profile 2BW Group Profile

Color Profile 2Color Profile 1Group Color Profile

Booth Shot of Profiles 1 Booth Shot of Profile

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