Wood Art

As an avid hiker Cecelia enjoys searching for unusual pieces of wood from the forest floors while exploring Colorado trails. She carefully conceives of special images to hand paint on each unique piece. Its a beautiful and clever interchange between nature and artist. This eco friendly approach is naturally sustainable and enriching as it leaves no waste products or plastics in the creation process not to mention that Cecelia often carries more trash out of the forest than wood!

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple SOLD

Fantastic Fun Guy

Fantastic Fun Guy SOLD

Forest Friends

Forest Friends 20″ x 42″ $1950


Fancy Fairy Fungi

Fancy Fairy Fungi 10″ x 30″ $750

Wizard of Owls 1

Wizard of Owls SOLD


Wizard of Owls 2

Wizard of Owls 2, SOLD


Wizard of Owls 3

Wizard of Owls 3,SOLD


Wizard of Owls 4

Wizard of Owls 4 SOLDBuffalo on Buffalo

Buffalo on Buffalo 13″ x 50″ $1300

Golden Treasure

Golden Treasure SOLD


Breaded Aspen Bark

Breaded Aspen Bark SOLD

Old Wart

Old Wart SOLD


On No!



Blue Groot

Blue Groot SOLD

Floppy Gnome

Floppy Gnome SOLD


Things Just Got Squirrely

Things Just Got Squirrely SOLD

Two Little Chickadees

Two Little Chickadees SOLD

Cute Coons

Cute Coons SOLD

The Whooo Family

The Whooo Family SOLD


Aspen Hawk

Aspen Hawk SOLD


Pluma, Mother Earth SOLD


Flora, Mother Earth

Flora, Mother Earth SOLD


Fauna, Mother Earth
12″ x 36″ $1300


Downhill Plunge

Downhill Plunge     SOLD


Tree Spy

Tree Spy SOLD

X Country Day

X Country Day SOLD


Nightshrooms  SOLD

Forest Chorus

Forest Chorus  SOLD


Peek a Boo!

Peek a Boo! SOLD


Disco Shrooms

Disco Shrooms SOLD


Tree Man

Tree Man  SOLD

I Am Groot

I am Groot       SOLD


Mr. Gnome

Mr. Gnome  SOLD


Gnomish SOLD


Peck or Fly

Peck or Fly  6″ x 17″  $125


Owl Family

Owl Family SOLD


Just a Couple o' Peckers

Just a Couple o’ Peckers  SOLD

Raccoons and Ferns

Raccoons and Ferns       SOLD

Four Little Chickadees

Four Little Chickadees,        SOLD


Late Night Owl

Late Night Owl SOLD


Aspen on Branch SOLD


Magpies, 18″ x 21″ $575


Ground Squirrel1

Ground Squirrel 9″ x 22″ $295



Pisces  SOLD

Coy Koi

Coy Koi, 7″ x 20″, $650


Splash, SOLD

Breck Beauties

Breck Beauties, 6″ x 25″, $495

The Mogul

The Mogul  SOLD

X Country Plunge

X Country Plunge,SOLD

A Cardinal Moment

A Cardinal Moment, SOLD

Raccoon Tree

Raccoon Tree SOLD

Single Butterfly

Single Butterfly, SOLD


Out of the Woods $495


Smokey, SOLD

Profile of a Groot

Profile of a Groot,  SOLD 

Grooties #2

Grooties #2, SOLD


Psycho Shrooms SOLD


Squirrel Family  SOLD


Stick Up Troll  SOLD


This Old Man SOLD


Old Groot SOLD


Grooties  SOLD


Mom and Pup Story  SOLD


One Little Chickadee SOLD


Trout Rainbow SOLD


Flow Motion SOLD

Musical Muse SOLD


Owl on Pine Branch

Crystal Mill 7″ x 57″ $495

Deer in the Woods 7″ x 18″ $195

Hummingbird Blues    7″ x 18″ $195

Iridescence        SOLD

Moose on Aspen Bark SOLD

Mushroom Mound SOLD


Spring Aspen 6″ x 21″ $195

Stellar Aspen SOLD 


Fox Family SOLD


Fox Jump Under the Moon
9″ x 19″ $495

Summer Aspen SOLD


Owl on Knotty Perch


Bear Family 9″ x 27″ $695


Butterfly Flutterby SOLD


The Cardinals Clutch
7″ x 45″ $495


Stellars Winter SOLD


Zinneas SOLD 


Troll on Aspen Bark and Plank
12″ x 24″ $500


Shimmering Aspen


Flight of the Butterfly
7″ x 36″ $395


Mushroom Village
16″ x 20″ $750


Moon Ski


Arizona Cactus SOLD




Mountain Lake
12″ x 18″ $300


Breck on Bark  SOLD


Old Man in the Tree SOLD


Wood art

Forest on Fire  SOLD


Wood Art

Midnight Snack  SOLD


Wood Art

Owl’s Eye SOLD


Squirrel Haven SOLD


Wood Art

Evening Watch 4″x 19″ $175.00


Wood Art

Leo the Lion SOLD


Wood Art

Columbine  SOLD


A Night Owl  SOLD


Aspen Collection SOLD


Falling Water SOLD


Fluorescence SOLD


Hummingbird and Columbine SOLD


Falling for You SOLD


Wood Art

Grandpa Gnome SOLD

Wood Art

Sunflowers SOLD


Grape-full SOLD


Wood Art

Fire Dancers SOLD


Wood Art

Fairy Mushrooms SOLD


Wood Art

Fox Meets Bird SOLD


Wood Art

Woodpeckers  SOLD


Wood Art

Colorado Mountains SOLD


Fox Friends  SOLD


Life Sized Fox SOLD

Wood Art

Gnome Ski SOLD


Wood Art

Isaac Heartstone SOLD


Monarchy SOLD


Flora and Fauna 14×49, $775


Dandelion Seeds SOLD

Birds, Buds and Berries 8×40, $375


Dragonflies 5×49 inlaid with rhinestones, $495


Manatee Meets Mermaid 3×24 driftwood, $390 (Closeup)

Exotics SOLD


Hang in There SOLD


Hang in There SOLD